PES 2021 Classic Patch V3.8 by Averdom

Classic Patch V3.8 by Averdom For eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update by Averdom
PES 2021 Classic Patch V3.6 FIX
Classic Patch V3.6 FIX PES 2021
PES 21 Classic Patch V3.6 FIX
Classic Patch V3.6 FIX PES21
Kazemario Evolution - New Classic Patch for eFootball PES 2021 PC by Averdom. Offline only.

Classic Patch V3.8 by Averdom For eFootball PES 2021
Preview :
40 Classic Clubs
20 Classic Nationals
90% of Classic Players with real faces and minifaces
Adapted from AndriMod's Classic Patch AIO V4 for PES 2020
Soundtrack Mod by Predator002

- Latest live updates applied
- Pes Unites OF V4 applied with 16 out 18 Bundesliga Teams over PEU league (i can't make ausburg and Frankurt work i don't know why)
- 20 Classic teams over PLA League
- 20 Classic teams over Others Latin America
- 20 Classic nationals over PAS league
- Many original faces and minfaces adapted from AndriMod classic patch for Pes2020
- Many new classic minifaces made by me
- Custom Classic menu made by me
- Custom soundtrack by Preds
- Legends by Junior Mantis

Compatibile with DLC 3.0
Classic Rangers, Leeds, Leverkusen, Everton added in PEU League
More Classic Players, Faces, Minifaces and Kits
All new and old legends from my club
New Menù
PesUnites V7 OF already installed (without bundesliga to keep PEU league for classic teams for future updates), most important Bundesliga teams imported into "others euro teams"

V3.5 Update
Many more faces and classic players
More teams
20th Century All Star and 21th Century all Star over World Classics and Europe Classics
Teams reorganized : Classic Clubs in PEU and PAS League, Classic Nations in PLA League, other classi clubs and nation in others latin america, most famous bundesliga club in other euros.

3.6 fix
Fixed some wrong faces and many teams and players added
More teams, players and faces for a total of 62 Classic teams, 40 Classic national selections and 2 All Star teams.
Classic Ghana, N.Ireland, Sunderland, West Ham, Aston Villa, Bordeaux, Panathinaikos, Betis, Bulgaria, Zenith with more new faces.


  • To install the Averdom Classic Patch V3.5 you must have already the V2 and V3 Installed (or at least dowloaded the cpk files and copied them into the download folder).
  • Extract, Copy and overwrite the files of the "download" folder into the download folder in the main PEs 2021 directory
  • Copy and overwrite the files of the "save" folder into the main PEs 2021 save directoy (usually Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\numbers of the game)
  • Do the same thing with the "ADDON" archive (you have to copy classicface15.cpk and dplist.bin into the download folder, and the edit0000 into the save folder)
  • If everthing is fine you should have in your download folder these files :
Classicface2 to classicface15.cpk files (from 2 to 15)

Download : Classic Patch V3.8 by Averdom For eFootball PES 2021

Credits & Thanks To : Averdom

Found Missing / Wrong Credits ? : if you find the wrong credits please report to our fanpage or tell at the comments
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