PES 2021 Anfield Stadium Banners LOCKDOWN Edition

Anfield Stadium Banners LOCKDOWN Edition For eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update By Golden_Ghost
Anfield Stadium Banners LOCKDOWN Edition PES 2021
Kazemario Evolution - Lockdown mod stadium by Golden Ghost. Before using this mod, you need to install Stadium Server PES 2020/2021 first.

Anfield Stadium Banners LOCKDOWN Edition For eFootball PES 2021
PES 2021 Anfield Stadium Banners LOCKDOWN Edition (Replacing Empty Seats) by Golden_Ghost
On the left side of the stadium were left empty seats according to the last match at Anfield (vs Wolves 7/12/20). But unfortunately, Golden_Ghost didn't know how to make a certain crowd appear on a certain part of the stadium, (or at least) removes seats below the banner, so the crowd doesn't appear on it.

- There's might be some glitches if you're playing for the first time
- This is not 100% Accurate (I only made the visible parts)
- Cause there is a lot of bad UV mapping so DO NOT CHANGE THE TEXTURES FILES (.ftex) if you don't want to face any defective textures
- The reason I made them thicker is that No Crowd mod doesn't fold the chairs like real life, so it's pretty unsightly.
- Cause there are too many versions of the custom stadium (not the default), so in the future (for the premier league), I will use @captain8lunt 's Perfected Premier League as the base of this Addon, so make sure you guys download his mod before using my banners later on.

- VAR Premier League by Ezequiel
- Anfield's Stadium based on (I actually forgot where do I download this stadium XD please mention it in reply if you guys know)


  • Download Stadium file.
  • Install Sider 7 by Juce 
  • Install Stadium Server by zlac & UPDATE : &
  • Remove installed Anfield stadium in your stadium server
  • Copy and paste mine into Sider\content\stadium-server\Premier League\
  • And put this "103, 004, Anfield, Premier League\Anfield, # Liverpool" on your map_teams
  • Save, And now run sider.exe to play the game !
  • Enjoy the Game!
Download : Anfield Stadium Banners LOCKDOWN Edition For PES 2021

Credits & Thanks To : Golden Ghost

Found Missing / Wrong Credits ? : if you find the wrong credits please report to our fanpage or tell at the comments
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