PES 2021 Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod + FIX 2

Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod For eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update
PES 2021 Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod
Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod PES 2021
Kazemario Evolution - New Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod + FIX 2 For eFootball PES 2021 PC Season Update

Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod + FIX 2 For eFootball PES 2021
*New graphic mod AIO, contains turfs, lightings and engine tweaks
*Full compatible with latest DLC 2.0
  • Vanilla turf plus su v2
  • Contains turf's package with a high resolution textures,
  • top turf texture have a 2048x2048 against konami's vanilla 1024x1024,
  • Base pitch texture have a 4096x2048 against konami's vanilla 2048x1024,
  • Added and implement many new field patterns,
  • Reworked and correctly implemented pitch scretches and dots,
  • Added dirt decals for some stadiums (3 different presets),
  • Main decals line 008, have a more higher resolution 1024x1024 against konami's vanilla 512x512,
  • Other small changes and tweaks
  • Unlocked konami's premium lighting,
  • Cracked and correct implement lighting preset with a true HDR effect for all type monitors,
  • More smoothtly and deeply color palette,
  • Improved image defenition, high quality bloom, high quality reflection,
  • Better shadows and weather conditions.
Contains gr_init_dx11 plugin with a small tweaks for visual improvements
Contains high resolution goal net 2048x2048 against konami's vanilla 1024x1024
Estadio Morumbi, Estadio Martingal, Estadio Monumental de Chile
Fixed tunnel entrance and pitch artefacts under some weather conditions
Already included all previous fixes

All changes are realised with the help of ingame data resources and do not have an input lag, as reshade and sweet fx's!!!

How to Install

  • Make sure you have installed "SIDER" by JUCE :
  • Download file & Extract file
  • Copy the "sider" folder, and paste it in your "sider" storage. Usually it is pasted in the PES storage directory.
  • Make sure you have added the following line to your “sider.ini”
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\vanilla_deluxe"
  • Run as "Sider.exe" & play PES 2021 game!
Download : Vanilla Deluxe Turf Stadiums Mod + FIX 2 For PES 2021

Credits & Thanks To: endo
Other Credits:
@juce, @shawminator, Konami, @superleeds1, @NFS_FM, @Moiduran2

Found Missing / Wrong Credits ? : if you find the wrong credits please report to our fanpage or tell at the comments

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