PES 2013 Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO + Update V10.1

Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO Season 2019/2020 For Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO Season 2019-2020 PES 2013
New Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO Season 2019-2020 For Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO Season 2019-2020 PES 2013
#ChiCho2013PatchV10 Patch is based on PESJP Jankey Patch And P-PES with updated version

General Features

  • Complete With Data Pack 6.0
  • Added Gameplay Tool ( PESJP J)
  • New Realistic Gameplay
  • Added Euro 2020 Mode With Graphic ,Scoreborad And More
  • Added Europe League Mode With Graphic ,Scoreborad And More
  • Logos Of The Season 2019-20
  • Correction and Updating Liberators
  • Correction and Updating Champions And Europe League
  • Added Chants For Many Teams
  • Update League Structure For All Leagues
  • Update All Teams Stadiums Home
  • Added New Adboards For All Teams
  • Added New Banners For All Teams
  • Added New HD Gloves
  • Added HD Supporters
  • Added HD Nets
  • New Trophies "Automatic operation"
  • New graphics for Master League (Menus, panels, Calendars, etc)
  • Upgrade Prices Of The Players In The Master League
  • Updated Uniforms For Referee
  • Update All Players Information ( Power , Age , .... )
  • Added A Many Young Players For A Lot Of Teams
  • Added Real Coach In Master League
  • Added Real Club Owner In Master League
  • Start Master League In 2019
  • Add A New Uefa Champions League And Europe League Scoreboards And Graphic
  • Update National Teams Squad
  • Uniforms With Models Equal To PES 2020
  • Update All Leagues Emblems


  • Added New Teams ...
  • Added Classic Team
  • Update Powers For All Players
  • Update Squads For All Teams
  • Update Kits For Many Nationals Teams 18/19
  • Update Badges
  • Complete All Transfers
  • Transfers Update Will be Available After Some Days
  • Added New Graphic
  • Added New Hair Style Pack
  • Added New Graphic For Master League
  • Added New Adboards For All League
  • Added Faces..!
  • Added Ball Pack 2019/20
  • Added Boots Pack 2019/20
  • Added New Ingame Sounds
  • Complete the transfers
  • New stadiums (91 New Stade in GDB )
  • New kits.
  • New faces
  • New banners.
  • Fixed some players OVR.
  • Update player prices for Soccer Life.
  • Complete Portuguese League.
  • Correction textures stadiums.
  • Correction field command for main clubs.
  • And more . .

Leagues And Competitions 

  • English Premier League
  • SB Champhionship
  • LaLiga Santander
  • LaLiga 1|2|3
  • Ligue 1
  • Ligue 2
  • Serie A TIM
  • Serie B TIM
  • Liga Nos
  • Bundesliga
  • 2.Bundesliga
  • Arabe League
  • Argentine Primera División
  • Brazilian Serie A
  • Brazilian Serie B

Others Leagues

  • Others League Europe
  • Others League Latin America

Classic Teams 

  • Classic Nationals
  • Classic Clubs

V10.1 Features

  • Fix All Problems Face
  • Fix All Problems Kits
  • Fix All Problems Stadium
  • Update Face And Others . .

How To Install

  • Download file & Extract them using WinRAR.
  • Install ChiCho2013PatchV10 file into game folder
  • Install FIX file into game folder
  • Play & Enjoy the Game!
* Preview & Installation:
PES 2013 Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO Season 2019-2020
PES 2013 Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO Season 2019-2020


Via Mediafire

Credits & Thanks To :

  • Jenkey1002, all face makers, all kit makers, all graphic designers,

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1 Response to "PES 2013 Chi Cho Patch V10 AIO + Update V10.1"

  1. Beautiful this very complete patch but has very serious problems (at least for those I have encountered so far) there is a fulham player who appears in the game without texture, another serious problem is that when you go to play the Italian Serie B when teams like crotone and cosenza play, the game crashes, even when playing a normal game, possible solutions? sorry for my bad english


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